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IGMoneyTree is a complete online business system centered around an ingenious new patent pending software app. Software that enables you to “sell” online products in exchange for X number of email subscribers (any number you choose). The software ends up building your list AND your income because your visitors can choose to either pay with cash, OR checkout through IGMoneyTree.
Can you think of a better way to succeed online than by copying the 99% automated system an online marketing pro uses himself every day? And can you think of a better way to copy that pro than by copying the exact same automated income system as him? Of course not.
Search high and low if you want – you’re simply not going to find a better opportunity than the one starting you in the face right now. I know you’ve probably seen your share of traffic generating software, profit building software, funnel building software and list building software. But when’s the last time you saw an offer that puts all of that together? An all-in-one done for you system that sets up in 60 seconds. And is programmed to produce unlimited email subscribers and profits at $320 a pop. All you need is IGMoneyTree.
Want fast results? Try 60 seconds, with 99% automation, no website, or techy stuff. Even if you’re starting from scratch, the IGMoneyTree system is designed to get you there fast. Your automated business awaits you! The internet these days is nuts! The internet is nuts because he is able to automate as much as $320 per day and 132 hot leads without a day job or employer. Using his proprietary new viral income software that does all the heavy lifting for him – while he is off having fun. 99% done for you and when they say done for you they mean actually done for you.

IGMoneyTree system runs itself 99% because their team have worked their bums off to create it from the ground up. As you can see, they spent thousands on the coding alone and that doesn’t include the graphics the video presentations, the training videos, brainstorming and mapping out the idea itself, spending countless hours testing before boom – their system worked! So yeah, handing all of this over to you is certifiably insane but there is a method to their madness. You see, after YOU get your hands on my viral income software. After you see results on day one (and you will, that’s a promise). After you watch their software do exactly what it does for them.
After you let it take care of you while you’re out shopping, golfing, fishing, soaking up the sun, watching a movie – or doing whatever you love. Just enter a username. Now enter your ‘money link’. THAT’S IT! You are DONE and IGMoneyTree is now programmed to start spitting out income and leads like they’re going out of business.
Say goodbye to the exhausting work that comes with creating an online income system of this caliber. You’ve got a complete business in a box ready and waiting for you to plug in and go. Their system does the selling and fulfillment FOR you. Leaving you with time to follow your passions and do what you love. Just like us! Isn’t that what you want? Get It Now.


  • Automated Businesses: So they specialize in creating income systems that all but run themselves once set in motion. IGMoneyTree happens to EASILY be their best work to date in that regard. In fact, the leap in technology from their last automated income system to IGMoneyTree is akin to the leap from a 90’s flip phone to an iPhone X.
  • Unlimited free traffic: On top of the software, AND the flagship product + webfunnel, you also get FREE traffic via the new IGMoneyTree Marketplace. Unlimited free traffic, in fact.
  • It works so darned fast: 60 seconds is literally all it takes to set it up. And once you’ve set it up, look out, as it works extremely fast.
  • IGMoneyTree is 100% newbie friendly: Simply list your IGMoneyTree offers in the ZP Marketplace where visitors from all over the world can browse and order them.
  • Zero click software: they’ve taken things to the ultimate level in online automation with their proprietary zero click software. The very *moment* you log in to IGMoneyTree you’ll have a full blown income system ready and waiting for you including a funnel-based website unlike anything you’ve ever laid eyes on.


  • Don’t need a website: because they set you up with an INSTANT funnel-based website of your own (don’t worry, they host it, automate it, and pay for it).
  • Don’t need an email list: IGMoneyTree will build you one automatically
  • Don’t need your own product: They got you covered with a 6 figure product already built into your funnel prepared to start making you money from the word go.
  • You won’t even need paid traffic because their system shows you how to EASILY get it for FREE.
  • Not only do they show you how to get easy free BUYER traffic, but your IGMoneyTree viral funnel also multiplies the traffic you get. Yes, This Means That IGMoneyTree Can Literally Turn 10 Targeted Visitors Into 100’s – Even 1000’s.

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