New Sorare: MLB Scouting Mission —  Top Performers from 2022

New Sorare: MLB Scouting Mission — Top Performers from 2022

The next Sorare: MLB Scouting Mission is here: celebrating the top performers from our inaugural season!

To recap, we launched Scouting Missions in November to give Sorare: MLB Managers new competitions, gameplay opportunities, and rewards throughout the offseason. Our first wave of Scouting Missions focused on the Most Valuable Players from the 2022 season.

Here’s what you need to know about Scouting Missions: Top Performers:

Scouting Missions 101

  • Each Scouting Mission consists of three elements: completion requirements, a deadline, and rewards for succeeding
  • Scouting Mission requirements vary but always stipulate that Managers hold certain cards in their collection through the Mission deadline in order to win a reward
  • Managers need to hold the specific player cards in any combination of Limited, Rare, Super Rare, or Unique (any scarcity other than Common)

Top Performer mission details

This Scouting Mission celebrates players who carried lineups throughout the 2022 season. It requires Managers to collect cards of the players who posted the highest scores in each regular-season Game Week (any 10 of the 20 players below):

  1. Aaron Judge (GW1 & GW3)
  2. Pete Alonso (GW4 & GW19)
  3. Jeimer Candelario (GW2)
  4. J.T. Realmuto (GW5)
  5. Joey Meneses (GW6)
  6. Michael Harris II (GW7)
  7. Alex Bregman (GW8)
  8. Jake Fraley (GW9)
  9. Nathaniel Lowe (GW10)
  10. Mookie Betts (GW11)
  11. Xander Bogaerts (GW12)
  12. Cal Raleigh (GW13)
  13. Bo Bichette (GW14)
  14. Jake McCarthy (GW15)
  15. Marcus Semien (GW16)
  16. Yordan Alvarez (GW17)
  17. Steven Kwan (GW18)
  18. Anthony Santander (GW20)
  19. Teoscar Hernandez (GW21)
  20. Brandon Nimmo (GW22)

Managers can choose any 10 of the above 20 players to add to their collections and hold through the deadline (in any combination of Limited, Rare, Super Rare, or Unique). If they do, they win a Tier 2 Limited card.

The deadline for this Scouting Mission is Friday, Jan. 6 at 6pm CET/12pm (noon) ET. Managers who complete the Scouting Mission will have their rewards automatically delivered to their galleries following confirmation of their completed challenge.

Scouting Mission enhancements

Aside from launching a new mission, we’re excited to announce enhancements to the competitions based on your feedback, including improvements in tracking your progress and updates to better display your successful missions — via a new home for Scouting Missions alongside your Card Gallery.

Please continue to share your Scouting Missions feedback on Sorare Twitter or Discord, which will help us add new and more exciting missions to the game.

Participation in the Scouting Missions is governed by the Sorare Terms and Conditions accessible here, and the Scouting Missions Official Rules accessible here.

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