don't be left behind, we are starting tomorrow

I just want to give you a heads up that I'll be starting the online class tomorrow.

The program has also been highly underpriced because my goal is to make it affordable for anyone to get started, even without any experience with internet marketing or eCommerce.

Which means, someone who has never made a dollar online can still follow through the program. And of course, if you are familiar, then you can skip the "newbie tutorials" that I'll be including.

Don't be left behind.

- Patric

(I'm attaching my previous email that explains about the bonuses you'll also be getting for free)


Just in case you didn't see the 2 bonuses I'm giving away for Operation Recession Takeover, I'm recapping it here for you.

But I got a special surprise...

At the end of this email, I'm going to include ANOTHER BONUS TOOL that is extremely helpful for eCom dropship business.


The first one is my "Swipe Copy Secret" presentation.

This is taken from one of my classes where I'll share with you the resources of swipe files that you can use to prepare your ads, email copies and even webpage copy! This means, even if you are a beginner when it comes to copywriting, this is going to help you "copy" and customize for your own copies.


The Facebook Traffic Class is a 4 hours ++ training where I will teach you how to get targeted website traffic from Facebook advertising that's "evergreen" so that you're not dependable on seasons or trends.


Okay, I'm saying too much of what I'll be revealing inside Operation Recession Takeover in this email. :)

In the program, I'll be covering a specific eCom drop-shipping model to start selling fast.

But to do this, you'll need to have a TOOL to calculate your costing properly - do you know the exact cost to fulfil the product into a customer's hand, from the moment you place an order from the merchant?

Seriously, it's more complicated than you think it is. It's not as simple as sketching it out on a piece of paper with your handy iPhone calculator. :)

There are other costs such as shipping, warehouse storage, unpacking, insertion, etc but with this tool of mine, it takes you just 2 minutes to calculate everything.

Bare in mind, this tool is developed for me by an expert to use "IN-HOUSE".

But right now, I'm going to give to you for free when you grab a spot to the Operation Recession Takeover during prelaunch...

- Patric

P.S: My Facebook Traffic Class Bonus is already worth $997 on its own. Not to mention the other 2 bonuses I'm giving away for such an affordable program, with just a one-time off investment.

As I've mentioned in the video, the purpose of why I'm giving you so much value is because I want to help as many people as possible, to lessen their burden during this economic crisis.