A goldmine of unlimited free content

Disney did a great job of monetizing free content into multi-million brands.

Do you know that the Little Mermaid, Snow White and many others are from public domain?

Meaning, the content that’s public domain can be used by you and me freely*, even for commercial purpose.

* There are some guides to follow in order to use freely, don't worry, read on this email as I'll be giving you the blueprint for free.

If you are in the self-help niche, Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is another famous public domain material.

Personally, I have also made some good money out of public domain, simply by reproducing the content to be sold online.

Anyway, previously, I run a membership called Fast Cash Series where the members pay $47/month. In one of the months, I've given out the BLUEPRINT to start an online business by using public domain.

The blueprint walks them through from A to Z, it even includes the source of public domains and names of the authors (whose work has now been categorized as public domain).

In light of COVID19 and staying at home, I'm giving you the Public Domain Cash Blueprint for FREE…

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