Japanese Culture and Language (II) |日语与日本文化(2)

Japanese Culture and Language (II) |日语与日本文化(2) In modern history of the development of China, Japan more than any country in the world, has made the largest influence on China. It cannot be underestimated that, the influence from Japan on China’s teenagers covers from their character formations, cultural identities, and even values. So observing the Japanese social life could help us looking back to ourselves. Re-understanding Japan and Japanese, can help Chinese distinguishing the most fundamental contradiction between China and Japan, which is the differences in "insular" and "mainland farming nation". It is more important to understand a national culture than to master its language. In this course, the introduction and analysis of Japanese culture and daily social lives are rubbed into more than ever.在中国近代史发展的进程中,日本超过世界上任何一个国家,成为了对中国影响最大的国家。日本文化对中国青少年的性格形成乃至文化认同感、价值观塑造方面所起到的影响不容小觑。从日本社会生活现象中学习并反观中国社会。重新认识日本国和日本人,从中日两国现代交往的种种矛盾现象中看清楚“岛国根性”与“大陆农耕民族”最根本的差异所在。对于一个国家的了解、与其交流或者认知,掌握这个国家、民族的文化甚至比单纯掌握这个国家的语言更为重要。在日语基础的学习过程中,比以往课堂教学更多地揉入对日本社会生活中的文化现象予以介绍和分析。

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