JVBank & CB Passive Income: Disciplined Approach to Social Entrepreneurship

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Disciplined Approach to Social Entrepreneurship

Disciplined Approach to Social Entrepreneurship This course will benefit individuals who are passionate about social justice and creating social impact with a view to transforming the lives of the underserved. From social entrepreneurs, to those employed in a not-for-profit, and entrepreneurs who value corporate social responsibility/sustainability within a business/government, this course will allow you to gain the relevant knowledge, tools and skill-sets to further your passion for social change.Throughout the course there are in-depth interviews with four successful social entrepreneurs, Selco in India, Friendship in Bangladesh, Edible Garden City in Singapore and Greenbatch in Perth, Australia. Each of these social ventures has a clearly identifiable social mission and they have generously shared insights as to how they balance social aspirations with financial viability and how they have achieved scalabilty whilst minimising operational costs.

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