How do you get traffic that converts?

So here we are... on the most discussed topic of all time...

GETTING TRAFFIC. Basically, how to get website visitors your site.

The awesome news is, here's the Secret of Getting Fresh Traffic training for free...

Let me share with you some key points about getting visitors...

1. If you want consistent income, get consistent traffic.

You see, I don't brag about getting millions of visitors each month. But I just get consistent traffic about a million visitors a month.

Sometimes, I get as low as 500,000 visitors a month...

But imagine how much money you will be making if you have half a million visitors to your websites each month?

The answer?

ENOUGH to make a "decent" income with just affiliate marketing alone. :)

Because if you just convert 0.01% to buying the product you're promoting, you'll then have 5,000 customers.

And let's say, each transaction only makes you a measly $10, you could be making a nice $50,000 a month. Not too shabby, I think.

2. If you want responsive traffic, get fresh traffic.

It's very simple - unless you're getting fresh traffic, you'll have to compete much harder to get your affiliate sales!

Because if that visitor of yours is also being reached by other affiliate marketers, you'll have competitors who are selling the same product.

Want to know how to get consistent traffic and where the traffic source is?