JVBank & CB Passive Income: An easier way to start eCommerce business?

Thursday, June 6, 2019

An easier way to start eCommerce business?


Here's an easier way to start an eCommerce store... 

Promote physical products from affiliate programs. 

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Here's the idea... 

There are literally thousands of physical products for you to choose and sell online with a Shopify Store. 
The biggest questions is... 
"How do I choose the right product to sell?" 
The fact is, most people go with their "guts feeling". 
Some do intensive market research. 
Whichever the option is... it's still unproven, right? 
I mean, your guts feeling may be right and the market research analyzation may even show you positive sign of profitability. 
BUT when you do it, you may lose money. 
Well, I do have my own method and the best part is, it's quite bulletproof. 
Here's how I do my eCommerce business: 
First, I'll put up an eCom store based on the physical products that I would want to sell. 
So instead of wasting my time to deal with the wholesalers or even buying the inventory, I'll go ahead and promote the physical products as an affiliate. 
If those products convert, I'll then start to buy them at wholesale to be sold so that I can make much higher profit and also, build my own brand. 
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