Monday, April 15, 2019

The digital product business evolution

Yes, times have changed.

I mean, 10 years ago, I could just sell an eBook and make $47 a pop.

Today, the market is a bit "more demanding" than that.


First of all, the market has evolved. It's fair for the customers to expect more.

Secondly, there are more options for them to choose today.

This is why, most of the "veteran Gurus" have been wiped out from this industry – their stuff is just... too old and outdated.

And ironically, if you are in the personal growth/self-help space, you would realize half of these top authors and speakers' stuff aren't effective anymore.

I mean, you don't want to hear a speech about "unleashing your greatness" and make you cry, right?

You want TOOLS. You want steps.

You want STRATEGIES to 'unleash your greatness'.

Not another piece of advice reminding yourself about how great you are -- and then, leave you with no direction from there.

Here's how to succeed in the game of digital product business...

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