Thursday, April 11, 2019

Re: Becoming a ClickBank Millionaire

Let me start by saying that many people "misunderstood" the business of digital products. 

And that's the reason why they get into selling PHYSICAL products. 

But if you think again... 

Digital product business is ALWAYS a better business than selling physical products. 

Let's do a simple comparison: 

* Digital product does not require you to do any fulfillment. Fulfillment is done through 100% automation. 

* When the customer refunds, digital product has NO RISK for you. 

* Digital product requires no upfront cost because there's no such thing as inventory. 

But the best part is... 

Technically, your profit margin is 100%. How in the world can a physical product compete with this fact alone? 


Why would many be still interested in selling physical products? 

Very simple. 

Because they don't have an "option". 

They don't understand the world of digital product business. How lucrative this is. 

And surprisingly not, digital product is MY FORTE. My core expertise for over a decade. 

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