Sunday, November 18, 2018

Understanding the "why"

I guess, the most overlooked reason of why someone FAILED to start an internet business successfully is because they don't take the time to figure out why others are failing. 
They don't do that and interestingly, it's not their fault. 

I mean, if you look at the macroscopic view of internet marketing, it looks really easy. :) 

It boils down to 3 major steps... 
1. Deciding a topic or your niche market 
2. Putting up a website or webpage 
3. Promote the website to build a list or sell a product online 
In fact, many do take the initiative to learn from a "Guru" or to go through courses. Unfortunately, they still fail to achieve success and here are 7 of the reasons I can think of... 
1. They look for hype stuff. There are many cheap courses that promise the world. For $47 and it'll promise you of making $15,000 in a week. That's kind of absurd, doesn't it? :) Yet, many would "choose" to believe it. I don't know why. 
2. Speaking of cheap, many tend to buy cheap courses. Don't get me wrong - there's nothing wrong with that. But the problem is, they buy MANY cheap courses. If they were to accumulate all of their spendings on these entry-level courses, it'll be sufficient for them to sign up a reasonable coaching program to start with!
3. Wrong Gurus or courses. Because there are so many Gurus and courses in the market, it's hard to choose the right one. I wouldn't be surprised that 95% of these Gurus and courses do not have any REAL credibility at all. In fact, they might not even have any real internet businesses running. 
4. Lack of tools. It's great to know the business model, steps, processes, strategies, etc but you'll still need to have the tools to execute the information you've learned. 
5. Lack of personal guidance. Do you know why a book is priced at $15 but the live training is priced at $1,000? The answer is this - self learning and having a coach. The investment varies a lot, so does YOUR RESULT, YOUR SUCCESS. The best investment you could do is to get a coach. 
6. Focusing on the WRONG STRATEGY. The most powerful internet marketing secret I've discovered 10 years ago is list marketing and it's still working very well today. Many do not build a list (or perhaps, do not know how to build a list). 
And the 7th is... 
Not willing to invest in themselves and their future.

So instead of investing in valuable knowledge or having a coach, they try to find the knowledge on their own.

Not only this unwise decision consumes too much time and create frustration, it gets even worse when they're using the wrong knowledge to build their internet business. 
And ironically, they'll end up spending even more money... 
Humbly, I was able to achieve my little fair share of success and generated millions using the internet is because I get it.

I understand these 7 reasons. 

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