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I see myself more of a teacher than a marketer. In Chinese, it's called, "Lao Tze". Sifu also means the same, it's in Cantonese dialect. Naturally, a teacher becomes a knowledgable teacher because of experience - not because of reading more books or attending courses. But also, it's by TEACHING many students over the decade. Learn by teaching. I think I've taught almost every single hot internet marketing topics taught by experts in Malaysia in the past years. Some of them are listed in the video. But more importantly, I will teach those topics when I saw the TREND OF IT. Like when I teach about selling Kindle eBooks or building mobile apps for profit, they are so brand new. And I shared the TREND of 2020 and onward for digital marketing and attracting customers in my previous summit, back in January of this year. I'll be releasing my exclusive presentation in this weekend's First Summit FOR FREE - here's how to register today: 👉 P.S: I'm also going to release other expert's presentations during the summit which include topics related to physical product eCommerce and also video marketing (case study of how he gets over 1M video views virally). ........MORE INFO CLICK HERE