JVBank & CB Passive Income: Zero monthly fee during launch (new page builder)

Monday, March 9, 2020

Zero monthly fee during launch (new page builder)

Putting up a landing page to build a mailing list or selling online is... NOT enough!

Because it has to be a landing page that can convert the leads and sales, right?

We've just opened up Mastermind Page Builder and because it's a template-driven software to design, it solves your problem (especially for beginners).

But it doesn't ends there...

* It's quick - allowing you to put up a page in less than 1 hour easily, even for newbies with zero experience

* It's extremely user-friendly! Choose your element, drag-and-drop and publish

* No download or installation required! Just configure your domain name inside the platform and your entire website can be built right away (not just optin page, salespage, etc but an entire website can be designed today)

Truth is, if you are still messing with clunky Wordpress (OMG, I still remember those days)...

Having "ugly" designed webpages that do not convert...

Or haven't even put up your webpage yet because you are always stuck...

But if you are happy with your current page builder software, skip this amazing deal. As we only have 35 spots - keep the spot for others because later on, it'll be offered as a monthly subscription fee, no more one-time off deal.

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