JVBank & CB Passive Income: Patric Chan Live video 150904722815564

Friday, March 20, 2020

Patric Chan Live video 150904722815564

I don't have the problem in this video is because I operate my business with "Operation Zero Employees" and running a virtual business. Everyone in my company is still operating and business is running as usual. But I think we should empathize upon other companies and businesses as they have taken a big blow. I can't imagine those who organize events/seminars, doing travel business (online and offline), offline shops, restaurants, entertainment outlets (like cinemas, bowling, etc), production factories and so on. Some may even lose their entire business within the next few months, despite building it for over a decade long. If you are an employee, this is the time for you to support your company, not "relaxing" because of "no work". To get my recording of Operation Zero Employees for free, just go to https://operationzeroemployees.com. IT'S FREE.MORE INFO CLICK HERE 
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