My real job is... writing emails?

I sat down and look at all verticals of my online businesses... 

Including all kinds of strategies that I've successfully deployed over the years to make millions on the internet... 

And I realize something - the 80/20 rules. 

Yes, I do know lots of stuff. From getting traffic to building a mobile app business. 

But the truth is... 

I think I make the most money by WRITING and SENDING EMAILS. 

I came about to this realization because back in December, I reviewed my entire's year results. 

You see, I use Infusionsoft platform to manage my list and send out emails. Here's a view of my account... 

In Dec 2017, the list size is 358,558 email subscribers.

I don't mail to everyone on the list because they're on different mailing lists...

But assume that I'll just send out to 50,000 of subscribers and my open rate gets 20% (as shown in the video), that's 10,000 of people reading my email.

Do you start to understand that I could literally do nothing except for writing and sending emails to earn a living?

Actually, I feel the phrase, "earning a living" will be too modest.

Truth is, it makes MUCH MORE THAN ENOUGH for me and my entire family.

Each email sent could potentially generate 5 figures of income for me.

Here's a module of my email marketing training I've created for my other course to teach about list monetization:

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Enjoy the training...

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