How to avoid these 5 deadly social media mistakes!

There are countless of social media advice available on the internet, from experts' advice to the guy next door’s advice.

So, I'm not going to give you another idea or advice.

Instead, when you are reading one (or watching), keep in mind of these 5 mistakes...

1. Good Content Will Attract Followers

Not completely true. You will still need to know how to promote them. Saying good content will attract followers is like saying, "a good book will become a bestseller". No -- a book becomes a bestseller because it’s BEST-SELLING, it SELLS WELL.

Good content will only attract lots of followers when:

i. You produce A LOT of good content (to increase your probability)

ii. You are MARKETING the good content

2. If They Have Done It, I Can Do It Too

I do not know which "social influencer" you are following. For me, I do follow Gary V. At the same time, I know many aspire to be like him and they pretend to swear to act cool. I say pretend because that's NOT their identity, they are just pretending.

Anyway, if Gary can do it, it doesn't mean you can do it too.

Frankly, you probably don't have ANYTHING close to the resources that he has -- from the talent to the video production capability. Just so you know, Gary has 30 people on his team to prepare his Gary V Content and he also has 1,000 employees at Vayner Media.

If you want to be like Gary V and achieve his stardom, you need to look how he build for so many years and hustling, from the days of Twitter.

3. I Just Need To Click "Boost" on FB Ad

If running ads is as simple as boosting an ad, I don't think there would be so many trainers, courses and agencies out there anymore about Facebook ads, right?

So, I stated my case. Nothing further to elaborate.

4. If I Don't Have Fans, I Can Just "Buy" Them

You've seen a page with 100K fans or even 1,000,000 fans but gets only 10 LIKES with their post?

And sometimes, 10 of the LIKES are from interesting countries too.

Don't underestimate your prospects. They will know how to figure out of whether you are legit or not.

Yes – it's nice to show that you have 100K fans for the so-called, branding or vanity-effect. But if they found out these 90K of the fans are from Nigeria and Bangladesh, I think your branding's wrong (unless, you are from Nigeria or Bangladesh).

5. Social Media Is Not A Great Platform To Sell

If you think it’s not a good place to sell, it’s probably because you've been "attacked" by trolls, haters and losers who say bad things on your post (or ads).

Thus, it affects you emotionally.

But the thing is, you can't blame them -- they don't go to schools and learn about social media ethics.

And some of them just could not accept the fact that you are taking actions and they are just doing nothing productive.

Or they just live their life behind the computers and love being keyboard warriors.

According to Internet Trends research in 2018, 78% of American consumers have discovered retail products to buy from the top social media platform.

So the next time you pick up another advice from an "expert", remember these 5 points. :)

Warm regards,

Patric Chan

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