JVBank & CB Passive Income: Making Total Life Changes Starts Today!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Making Total Life Changes Starts Today!

The future and the focus of Total Life Changes® is bound by an unwavering vision to put our innovative products in the hands of as many people as possible. TLC maintains a servant strategy, which means that no one person is bigger than TLC. This company is owned by every single IBO who we have attracted and retained over the past 16 years. The focus is to continue to attract customers and entrepreneurs that are seeking industry leading products that really work and are easily shared with others. At the start and end of each day, it’s all about helping people make Total Life Changes.
There is no “secret sauce” to the success of Total Life Changes®. The foundational principles have always been embedded in honesty, hard work and building trust amongst our customers and IBOs all around the world. The blue-collar mentality that fostered the early beginnings of TLC are as tried and true today as they were in the basement offices of current President and Tea Executive Officer, Jack Fallon. This former Ford Motor Company employee shared his vision with current Chief Operating Officer, John Licari; co-worker and friend. Together they have been able to spread this servant strategy and vision with hundreds of thousands of customers and IBOs worldwide. And we’re just getting started.

Select Your Membership Level


  • TLC Representatives are referred to as Independent Business Owners (IBOs)
  • IBOs can earn residual commissions.
  • Enjoy wholesale pricing on TLC’s amazing selection of health, wellness and beauty products
  • IBOs qualify for exclusive TLC member events, contests and product promotions
  • IBOs are required to purchase a Business Starter Kit

Retail Customer

  • A customer may purchase any product on the Total Life Changes website.
  • A customer is not considered an Independent Business Owner (IBO) and therefore may not earn residual commissions from purchases
  • A customer may choose to become an (IBO) with a qualifying purchase at any time
  • Customers are not required to purchase a Total Life Changes Business Starter Kit
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